Slöjd in Slippers


Today, I’m diving into the Woodworking Hobo Life, copy editing in my sweatpants and slippers. I might shower. I might not. The cats seem pretty happy – they can now beg me for treats and canned food 24/7.

I’m working on the forthcoming Lost Art Press translation of Jögge Sundqvist’s seminal book “Slöjda/Slöjd/Sloyd on Wood.” (I suppose the first order of business is to decide whether it’s “slöjda,” “slöjd” or “sloyd” … I think “slöjd” is the winner.)

What is slöjd? Jogge writes:

Slöjd is part of the self-sufficient household, how people survived before industrialization. Slöjd is the work methods that farmers used when they made tools for house building, farming and fishing, and objects for their household needs. For thousands of years, the knowledge of the material has deepened, and the use of the tools has evolved along with the understanding of how function, composition and form combine to make objects strong and useful.”

LAP acquired the rights a couple years back, and the book is now translated, edited and refined. What’s left on the “words” front is to consider the comments from the various editors and Jogge’s responses, decide on the final language then copy edit.

The book is already in an InDesign document (the translation will look like the original, with gorgeous photos and illustrations), so after the copy edit, I simply have to flow in the English text, make sure page numbers and captions are correct, and that all names/dates/web addresses have been double-checked…all the nitty-gritty before it goes to press. I love the nitty-gritty. I think you’re going to love this book. And I think I’m going to love working in my slippers.


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22 Responses to Slöjd in Slippers

  1. mbknox says:

    Congratulations on the move. Working in slippers or boots at hope is a fantastic lifestyle requiring constant application of seldom discipline!

  2. Gene ORourke says:

    Looking forward to this, and to the rest of your future works! And impressed that you aren’t letting the dust settle.

  3. I feel like you’re coming out ahead in this deal? Working for Chris again. Time with cats and fuzzy slippers. You have a fireplace, right? A usable one?

    Working on what we discussed on this end. Sent a message to the guild president. I think he’s on board.

  4. Another thing to like – the opportunity for more insights into the editing process (something I don’t think you’ve written much about previously?).

    All the very best for this new chapter, Megan. I for one am really excited to see what happens next!

  5. Anthony says:

    Can’t wait for the book. I think think the Hall brothers were brought up with that method?

  6. What?!?! No cat slippers?


  7. Danielle Rose Byrd says:

    Pretty pumped for you.

    I have those exact same slippers.

  8. Tom Dreher says:

    Wow again, looks like you did land in something wonderful. Good luck in your future employment and good news for us.

  9. J.C. says:

    And in the summer months if the a/c goes out you can… never mind. You get the idea. It’s a wonderful life. Enjoy!

  10. wilburton says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jogge a couple months ago at the Marc Adams School. He is quite the talent . . . And a very interesting character. He is certainly “not uncrafty.”

  11. bloksav says:

    Please be careful not to mistake the liquid hide glue on the table for honey for your tea.
    I doubt it will taste good.

  12. davelehardt says:

    I know I enjoy the working in slippers thing when I get to work from home. Enjoy!

  13. jon003 says:

    If you’re going to write about Sloyd you pretty much have to come out to boston and visit the North Bennet Street School. Sloyd is intimately tied into it’s history. Plus I’ll buy you beer.

  14. ctdahle says:

    If this change means that LAP books will be released at a faster pace I am in deep trouble.

  15. mysticcarver says:

    Great to see your work continuing . Not many places can one find a desk littered with a beautiful book, a beautiful book in progress on a computer, wrinkled trash and glue bottles all in one picture! The entertainment value is high with this one 🙂

  16. The lesser joy of my job of QC/copy editor for an engineering company is the sometimes long periods of waiting for work to arrive. The last few days have been quiet so I read your Rude Mechanicals Press blog from the beginning and continued at home just because it was that much fun. As a former carpenter, I sympathize with your trials and tribulations of discovering what is under that ‘surface’. Been there and done that for customers and family. Good to hear you’ve decided to crack the whip full time at Lost Art Press (do you get to borrow the workshop?)

    • fitz says:

      Thanks for reading! But just to be clear, I’m but a freelancer for LAP – Chris never wants to have anyone work for him full-time again…and I get that. Annual reviews, and feeling the compulsion to work harder than everyone who works for me, are things I will certainly not miss!

  17. WarrenP says:

    Can’t wait to buy this book! LAP rocks.

  18. occasionalww says:

    LLBean Wicked Good Slippers! I would never happy without a pair.
    Best of luck with your new endeavors, you will be sorely missed by the PW readership.
    I left my dream job of 33yrs to start Fremont Occasional Woodworks and have never looked back.

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