Dutch Tool Chest for Sale (No, Not the Exact One Pictured Below)


The inside of Christopher Schwarz’s well-traveled Dutch tool chest


Update: The chest is sold – thank you for your interest. (And keep an eye out for similar items if you’re in the market… I have a few other limbering-up pieces to build in the next few months.)

Have you been longing for a Dutch tool chest but don’t have time to make it yourself? Well fret no more. Next week, I’m making one from white pine to limber up for a February class…and I don’t need another tool chest at my house. So I’ll be selling it at a reasonable price (first come, first served), and will paint it per the buyer’s instruction in any of the available colors in the General Finishes Milk Paint collection.


Yes…I will even paint it Coral Crush if you like

I’m making the “small” chest, with dovetailed bottom corners, a single-panel lid (no breadboards) atop the upper compartment and a fall front on the bottom (the same as the one above is configured). The back will be shiplapped. The hinges will be 9-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ unequal strap hinges, and the lifts will be Cast-Iron Chest Handles, both from Lee Valley Tools. The interior will be left for the buyer to configure, based on her or his set of tools. (But I’m happy to toss in an overlong hole-y chisel strip for the buyer to glue in place…after the buyer adjusts the sizes of said holes to fit his or her chisels and other long, pointy items).

The price, built as stated above, is $700, cash, check or PayPal. It goes to the first person to say, “I’ll take it and I’ll come get it” (I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio) or “I’ll take it and I’ll pay for UPS packing and shipping.” If you want it, send me an email at 1snugthejoiner@gmail.com. (Again…send me an email – a comment below won’t do it.)


Christopher’s DTC, closed. I’d be happy to add a similar layer of dust from the Lost Art Press shop to the one I’m building.

If I don’t find a buyer, I’ll line it with rigid foam insulation, cut a hole in the upper compartment floor, leave off the fall front and make it into a rather expensive and elaborate feral cat shelter.


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4 Responses to Dutch Tool Chest for Sale (No, Not the Exact One Pictured Below)

  1. neitsdelf says:

    >If I don’t find a buyer, ….

    You could always have used it to hold plants. My mom made a plant holder out of everything, to the extent that my dad once gave her a crystal vase on condition that she not put a plant in it.

  2. jmwagle86 says:

    Looks like the poor feral cats are, (again), out of luck.

  3. Erik says:

    How does one decide which sticker to cover up with another sticker?

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