Come Say Hello in Maine – July 13-14

LNFrontI’ll be at the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Open House in Warren, Maine, July 13-14 with lukewarm-off-the-press copies of “The Mechanic’s Companion” for sale (it ships to me in Cincinnati the week of June 18 or 25) or, and to give a short talk Sunday afternoon on woodworking and social media (#takegoodpictures #shareuniqueprojects #gethiredtowriteanarticle #catvideos).

I’m driving up … and wondering if I can do it all in one day (I suspect not), and camping (I think) on site, or possibly in my car (#subaruforthewin). Until night two, when I decide I need a shower (or perhaps I’ll just buy a new ball cap – if you see me on Sunday, you’ll know which). I’m not sure yet who else will be there as guest demonstrators, but I plan to take a tool or two and make a little something on site.

Below are just a few of my favorite snaps from past open houses – it’s a lot of fun, and highly recommended! The open house proper is free and runs both days from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – plus there’s an optional Saturday night lobster dinner ($45) with a keynote address by Thomas Moser; as I write this, there are still tickets remaining. Thos. Moser gave the keynote at the 2009 Woodworking in America (or was it 2010?) and he was very good indeed!


Frank Strazza cutting some sliding dovetail joints.


Peter Galbert


Phil Lowe and Isaac Smith demonstrating Isaac’s Roubo Frame Saw


Mary May


Thomas Lie-Nielsen laughing (during Peter Follansbee’s 2014 talk)


A Dutch Tool Chest Christopher Schwarz made during the 2014 Open House; Peter Follansbee carved the fall front, then I painted it. I think we then planed off the top of the panel to leave black paint only in the carved areas…or we at least talked about it.


Claire Minihan, hooking ’em in early to hand tools


Peter Follansbee and Deneb Puchalski

p.s. I’ll be back at Lie-Nielsen in early September to teach a dovetails/tray class…I hope! (Need a few more people to sign up, and to tell friends to sign up, too!)

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5 Responses to Come Say Hello in Maine – July 13-14

  1. pfollansbee says:

    see you there. looking forward to it. PF

  2. tombuhl says:

    Golden bucket list for me, alas not this year. Have a great time. Hope a few pix of the event are posted. Enjoy.

  3. don2laughs says:

    It’s been on my bucket list a long time and now on the agenda…got my ticket…I’m gonna be there! Hey, Megan, will you sign my copy of “The Mechanics Companion”? I was among the first to buy it so, maybe, we can get mine about the same time you get yours! That would be the Cherry on top of my adventure! Really looking forward to this….been wanting to do it since the first one. Driving from San Diego & planning to camp as much as possible, too. Leisurely trip back to SD planned. Maybe take in Roy’s school & get him to sign my Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker copy, too. Do you know if Cris is going to show up? See you there!!

    • fitz says:

      Heck – I’ll sign anything! And wow that is quite the road trip you’re taking! My Ohio to Maine drive now seems reasonable 🙂

  4. I’ll be making the trip from Kansas City, with my wife. It took a side trip to Boston, but I got her to agree to the trip. Look forward to seeing you again, Megan.

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