Mirth, Making … and another word starting with M

Lost Art Press

Hang out with six (and in a couple cases a few more) of your new closest friends as you learn woodworking in our upcoming classes. Below are listed and linked those in which there are one or more bench spaces available, both at the Lost Art Press (LAP) storefront and at other locations in classes taught by LAP regulars.

Building a Krenov-style Handplane with Brendan Gaffney
LAP, May 25-26

Intro to Spoon Carving with JoJo Wood
LAP, June 17

Build a Dutch Tool Chest, Inside and Out, with Megan Fitzpatrick
Port Townsend School of Woodworking, June 24-2

French Polishing with Derek Jones
LAP, July 11-12

Build a Krenovian Wall Cabinet Using Traditional Handskills with Brendan Gaffney
Marc Adams School of Woodworking, July 8-12

Four Hand Tool Corner Joints with Megan Fitzpatrick
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, July 20-21

Staked Furniture with Brendan Gaffney
Port Townsend School…

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